Cheers to 38!

38 trips around the ☀️! Really though, how the heck did I get here?! I wish I could post a hundred photos of the past 38 years. 

I'm so thankful to be pursuing photography and turning it into a full time business; one that allows me to be creative, to preserve special memories, and to support my family. 

You might not know that I went to college for early childhood education, and spent a lot of time and money getting my degrees and working in the early childhood field. There came a point where I knew in my heart that I no longer wanted to teach, but I'm a perfectionist and am very hard on myself. It was very difficult for me to admit that teaching was no longer my dream.  

I'm so thankful for the day that my brother and sister in law asked me to take their maternity photos. They trusted me with documenting an important time in their life and their session changed my path. 

When I began my photography business, it helped me to find myself again. We grow up a lot and change a lot throughout the years, and sometimes what we once wanted to do no longer fits. 

It's hard to change your path. Change can be really scary, but it can also be really exciting. There's no perfect time to do it. You must be brave to pursue your passion. I'm telling you though, it's so worth it to create a life you love. Take the leap. I'll be here cheering you on. 😘

Here's to 38. ❤️


(P.S.) Enjoy these throwbacks and brief glimpse into the last few decades!