Gabby's gorgeous smile and that sweet August sun are perfection! It's absolutely gorgeous out right now - the greenery, the flowers, the sunlight. Seniors, let's make some magic this month! 🌿

And senior parents - I see you, too! My oldest is a senior this year and while half of me just wants to ignore that fact, the other half of me knows it's time to embrace all things senior year! Having your child be a senior is hard on the heart. For years, it's been celebrating every milestone, wishing it was bed time on hard days, cleaning up messes, planning activities, proudly and eagerly watching your child grow, and now, BOOM. This chapter is coming to an end. It's hard on the heart. Allow yourself a moment to mourn your child's babyhood, and then, let's celebrate the young woman or young man they have become. They bring you so much joy and make you so proud. Let's document this incredibly special and sacred time.