Last summer, I worked with Liam and his family for a senior and family session. I started offering these combination sessions last year, when I realized this is the perfect time to get updated family photos before your senior is off to a new adventure. Senior and family sessions also rock for these four reasons:

  1. The senior gets a chance to feel more comfortable in front of the camera with their family by their side. We start the session off with some family photos, which helps to take the pressure off being in the "hot seat," so to speak.
  2. The senior is more natural and candid when their people are around to cheer them on (or perhaps tease them, as is often the case). 😅

3. Take advantage of having your whole family together to make an afternoon of memories. Plan dinner or a fun activity together before or after your photos. This is a great opportunity to slow down and take a moment to breathe together as a family.

4. Doing both sessions at once saves you time. You'll save time and stress by planning and attending only one session! I know your family is running every which way with senior events and extra-curricular activities, so check two things off the list at once.

You may be wondering when you need to schedule your senior and family session. Senior and family sessions should be scheduled any time at the end of the Junior year into the Fall of the Senior year. If you are a senior that is involved in many school activities, please schedule your session before September! It can be very challenging to schedule sessions around school activities as the days get shorter in September and October.

I'm looking forward to celebrating your senior year with you!