Spring Sessions are finally here!

Today I am sharing 3 spring style ideas for your photo session here in Upstate NY. When planning your wardrobe for a session, it helps to put together a color palette. A color palette helps us to visually see how the wardrobe colors will work together. First I pick two main colors, often complementary colors. Complementary colors are colors opposite from each other on the color wheel. After this I add in neutral colors, keeping in mind to include a variety of shades from lighter to darker. You can see examples of this in the spring style ideas I have shared below.

At any time of year, I recommend taking your color inspiration from nature. Spring brings to mind greens coming back, yellow daffodils and purple iris', and blue skies!

Spring Look 1: Mustard Yellow and Blue

This is personally my favorite because I just love the way a deep, mustard yellow photographs. I also just love the color yellow in general, it's such a cheerful pop of happy!

Spring Look 2: Soft Pink or Green and Browns

For this color palette, I recommend choosing either pink or green and pairing it with brown neutrals. Textures always add a little extra something special to your photos, so tops like the green one pictured with pretty details are a bonus!

Spring Look 3: Lavender, Melon, Green, and Blue

If you love color, embrace it! These soft spring colors are so beautiful and represent the fresh new beginnings we feel when spring comes around.

Where to Shop

I also wanted to include a few of my favorite stores I look to when shopping for photo outfits. I just love the flowing dresses found at Baltic Born and Joyfolie. I hope you'll consider one of these dresses even if they aren't your typical style. They are feminine and provide beautiful movement, and elevate your photos from your everyday snapshot. Target, Maurices, and Stitch Fix are also great options for outfits and accessories! (Have you tried Stitch Fix? It's amazing!) You can change your outfit look by adding a cardigan, kimono, jacket, jewelry, or a cute hat. Don't forget to pay attention to your shoes as well!

I hope you enjoyed these spring style ideas! If you would like to book a spring session, just send me a message via my contact form! Can't wait to chat with you!