Don't let the cold temps stop you - a fresh snow is a truly magnificent background for a photo session. It's so beautiful and peaceful! Here are a few tips for ensuring a cozy and fun winter session.

  1. First and foremost, when planning your outfits, think WARMTH! Be sure to layer up underneath your clothing. Add cute winter accessories like scarves, hats, and gloves. Consider wearing a cute, stylish coat!
  2. Bring winter boots to wear for walking around in the snow to different spots, so that you don't get your nice boots or shoes wet or ruined.
  3. Many people wonder what colors to wear for a winter session. Colors that pop out from the neutral winter landscape really photograph well. Navy, burgundy, gold, forest green, dark purple, etc. all look beautiful during this time of year. Coordinate colors and outfits with everyone in the photo, without being too "matchy matchy."
  4. Bring extra warmth for in between shots - a blanket and hand warmers are lifesavers! You can even stick hand warmers into your pockets, gloves, and shoes for a little warmth that is hidden from the camera. :)
  5. Bring a warm drink to sip in between shots. Nothing like a mug of hot cocoa or coffee to take off the chill!
couple with heads together, snow
couple sitting on blanket, snow
couple, piggy back ride, snow

Following these tips will help to keep you warm and comfortable during your session. As with any time of year, if the weather is truly inclement, including high wind chill and below freezing, it is best to reschedule and I am happy to do so. We all want to have fun and enjoy the session!

xoxo, Renee