Gah, I just love couples sessions. Young, old, new relationship, together longer than apart. They're all my favorite. I love capturing your love for one another and your unique relationship. Traditionally, couples sessions have been celebrations of engagements, but I'm here to break that mold. I'm here to tell you, you do not need a reason to do a couples session other than you want to document your love and connection!

In fact, I think doing a photo session is essential in the various seasons of life - when you're in young, fresh love, when you're knee deep in child raising, when you've been together longer than you've been apart, when your kiddos have flown the coop, when you're facing heart wrenching challenges in your journey. All of these seasons are important to your journey and that is the only reason that you need to document your love.

man snuggling woman
man looking at woman lovingly
couple sitting on motorcycle

Photo sessions celebrate your big moments and create memories of those moments in time, but they also provide an opportunity for you to connect with your partner. How often do you take time to be together, to truly look at one another, to laugh together, maybe even to feel big feels together - without screens, without other people, without distractions? Take advantage of the opportunity to reconnect and celebrate the relationship you have built together.

couple embracing each other, motorcycle

I'll leave you with the music video to one of my favorite songs, one that reminds me to never take my people or my life for granted. Let's make some magic together this year to celebrate you and the person who make your life good. xoxo.