Samantha and Carson

These two just exude fun and joy when they are with one another! They were super relaxed and up for trying all the romantic poses that I threw at them. I know people sometimes feel awkward, but trust me that if you go with it, these poses and prompts create beautiful, emotional photos! Romantic, joyful couples give me life, so if you're one of these couples, I would looooovvvveeee to work with you!

intimate couple at sunset
couple snuggling at sunset
couple spinning each other around
couple laughing together at sunset
couple snuggling together with woman's hand on man's face
couple sitting and gazing at each other
couple sitting in field at sunset
couple almost kissing

Can we talk location for a second?

Take a minute to really look at these sunset photos. Sun is a glorious, warm, and magical element, as you can see. It's really hard to find a location where the sun sets at just the right level, and this is one of them. Please, please, please consider booking this beautiful spot! I didn't share a lot of photos of the creek here, but if you look below, you can see that most of the time, you can access the creek bed as well. The sun, the greenery, and the creek provide many elements of texture, which photograph so beautifully.

Couple snuggling in the leaves
couple sitting in leaves and holding hands
couple snuggling in the autumn leaves

Thank you, Carson and Samantha, for bringing your incredible energy to this session! It was a joy to capture these moments and document your love. Yours is a relationship to aspire to!

xoxo, Renee'

couple looking at camera while sitting in creek bed